System Analyzer Magnifier Machine (S.A.M)
Why SAM? Well, skin is the largest and most exposed organ of the human body! Taking care of our skin serves a two fold purpose. It helps protect us against skin cancer caused by the suns’ rays; and, will help keep us looking young! Many of us have oily, dry and/or combination skin; and, require an expert, personalized analysis. Our certified SAM specialist will analyze and correct your individual needs!

This is great to create a buzz! Whether it’s a health club attempting to increase its membership, a store opening, or even an open house in your home, people will remember this machine and will want to participate! Everyone today wants to look good. Our certified specialists will advise people to take additional measures. Perhaps something as simple as drinking more water; or, maybe even a DNA test to determine any nutrient or vitamin deficiencies. Think about it. Everyone wants to look good and have fun. That is what Promo Magic is all about!


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