Motivational Magic Shows
Want to send a message to your associates? This is a lot of fun and is motivating, visual, interesting, unique, and educational and will make your message one that will be remembered! Have an interactive magic show. Watch the show and see the magic through the eyes of your team! Steve’s show is personalized and interactive. Through the show the message is delivered! The topic can be team work, goals, diversity, leadership, a product or anything specific to your needs. The message is customized to your event. This is great for team events, sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, education events, business lunches and more! Depending on the event these shows are from 30 minutes to an hour. This is great for 5 people to 105 and more! (Trade shows are more hours of multiple shows!)

Magic work shop: Steve can also have a magic work shop. Everyone needs an ice breaker, how about learning some magic that you can use at your sales appointment? Magic tricks are always available for purchase.

"Steve brought high energy, creativity and enthusiasm in working with a group of 20 global HR leaders. He was able to construct his message in a way that connected personally and directly with the theme of the meeting.  With Steve's help, our team was able to get our work done and have fun at the same time."

Robby Sisco
Vice President - Human Resources
Cabot Corporation

Balloon workshop: Steve can also have a balloon workshop. Everyone can learn to twist a teddy bear! Who doesn't like balloons? This is also great as an ice breaker for the whole family!

Give away magic tricks: This is great for trade shows. Steve can make customized magic tricks to give away with your logo on them! This is great for trade shows and other events!


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