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From your company's convention, to your child's special birthday, and everything in between...PromoMagic can make your event one to remember.

We are a specialized promotions and incentives event planner.

Create an atmosphere of fun and excitement, using the law of attraction. We deliver magic to your  event or promotion that will be memorable with our magnetic energy.

You came to the right place! We are the home of promotions, incentives and events! Make your event one to remember.


Join the Fun Club!

The Fun Club is all about fun and so much more! Learn how you can receive cool things and more! Mr. Balloon Wizard and Promo Magic know what kids and parents want, and we have it for you! Come in person and meet Mr. Balloon Wizard at any posted event and find out why the Fun Club is one you want to join!

Ask your parents’ permission first, then email to receive your Fun Club card.

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